Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Maiboroda - Symphony No.1

Heorhiy Ilarionovych Maiboroda, sometimes transcribed in English as Georgiy or Heorhy Maiboroda or Mayboroda (Ukrainian: Георгій Іларіонович Майборода, b. Pelekhivshchyna khutir, Kremenchuk county, Poltava oblast, Ukraine, 18 November 1913 - d. Kiev, 6 December 1992), was a Ukrainian composer.

Maiboroda, whose brother Platon Maiboroda was also a composer (mainly of songs), studied at the Glière College of Music in Kiev.,[1] where he studied under Levko Revutsky, graduating in 1941 and teaching there from 1952-1958. In 1967-68 he was head of the Composers Union of Ukraine.[2]

His musical career was based in Ukraine, and he set several operas to Ukrainian librettos, including Yaroslav the Wise, (1973, pub. 1975), Arsenal (published 1961), Mylana (published 1960), and Taras Shevchenko (1964, published 1968),[3] (based on the life of the Ukrainian artist and poet of that name), all of which were produced at the Kiev Opera House. He also prepared a performing edition of Semen Hulak-Artemovsky's opera, Zaporozhets za Dunayem.

Amongst other works, Maiboroda wrote a suite of incidental music to Shakespeare's King Lear, three symphonies, two piano concertos and a violin concerto, as well as numerous songs and romances.[4]

In 1963 he was awarded a Shevchenko Prize for his work by the Ukrainian SSR[5]

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